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    ADD: XinQian Village, DangWan Town, XiaoShan Dist. HangZhou, Zhejiang, China
    TEL: 86-571-82865677
    FAX: 86-571-82678905
    E-MAIL: sale@hzdjjx.com
Founded in 2005, Hangzhou D J Machinery Co.,Ltd . has been focused on only one goal: striving for perfection. As a company that specializes in R&D, production, sales, and service of high performance and quality small universal joint shafts, Hangzhou D J Machinery has successfully achieved an annual output of over 250,000 universal joint shafts and couplings.
As proof of our commitment to quality, Hangzhou D J Machinery is not only an ISO9001 certified company, but has been recertified and upgraded to the most recent and stringent ISO9001:2008 standard which many others do not qualify for.
Hangzhou D J Machinery has been successfully supplied to many industries, including agricultural equipment, packaging equipment, transport equipment, wood processing, food processing, medical equipment, printing machinery, industrial machinery, drilling, tapping, pump applications, automobiles, etc.
Flexible and open-minded, Hangzhou D J Machinery has produced a wide range of customized products that are tailored to customers’ specific needs and exported to: United States, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, South Korea and many other countries.
With a facility occupying 13,000sqm combined with the latest technology of CNC machines and a dedicated engineering and design team, Hangzhou D J Machinery presently holds patents to several of their product designs with few more pending. Hangzhou D J Machinery is well equipped to produce a variety of universal joints with customers’ specific requirements in mind. This is backed by our company philosophy: “Customer oriented and driven to satisfy customer needs.”
Hangzhou D J Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in the production of small universal joint couplings and shafts. Currently there are main 4 product designs, each with 3 different configurations. The 3 configuration consists of single joints, double joints, and telescopic to meet the wide variety of applications. The main product designs are as follows:
PB – Sliding Pin Type
Characteristics: High torque, Low speed
Applications: Forklifts, Agricultural Machinery, Landscaping Machinery, etc
PR – Sliding Bush Type
Characteristics: Medium speed, low torque
Applications: Drilling, Sewing, Woodworking, etc.
NB – Sliding Bearing Type
Characteristics: High Speed, High Torque
Applications: Packaging Machines, Conveyors, etc.
CN – Cross Bearing Type
Characteristics: Maximum Speed, High Torque
Applications: Automobile, Grinding, etc.
Presently, the company is also currently developing Sliding Ball Type (BPB) with focus on large deflection angles, and Sliding Hard Sleeve Type (HPB) with focus on combining the benefits of PB and NB in compact size. Both models are under development with expected release in 2015.